Research – Our Greatest Strength

Hetero is led and driven by its expertise in Research and Development. From as far back as 1995, our R&D division played a crucial role in developing an expansive product basket to meet diverse market requirements across the globe.

Helmed by about 1000+ top notch scientists with wealth of knowledge and experience, our R&D has been able to develop niche generics, complex APIs, Novel Drug Delivery systems (NDDS), New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and Biosimilar products. Numerous PCTs, Patents, ANDAs and FTFs accredited to us showcase our strength in R&D.

Hetero Research Foundation -- an exclusive state-of-the-art facility supports all our research endeavours under one roof. It is a refuge to research teams working in the areas of diverse specialisations including APIs, formulations, custom synthesis, contract research, analytical, packaging, IP, technology transfer and quality assurance. We also have world class R&D facilities dedicated to Formulations and Biologic research at the respective manufacturing units.